These online resources are to help 4th graders with their Pirate Projects. Your local school library and public library may have print resources that will help. This page was initially created on April 18, 2012 by Daphne Hayer of Stanly County Schools. It was last updated on May 3, 2012.

“Famous Raiders on the NC Coast”
Mentions Edward Teach, Stede Bonnet, Charles Vane, Jack Rackham, and William Kidd.

“The Golden Age of Piracy”
Contains general information about the era, and mentions Blackbeard, Jack Rackham, Anne Bonney, Mary Read, Bartholomew Roberts, and Stede Bonnet. 

“Historic Bath: Blackbeard the Pirate”

“Historic Cape Fear Past Articles”
These articles are written for adults, rather than children. The writing style, and some of the content, may not be appropriate for young children.  

"John (Henry) Avery"
This is a great article from "Kids Search," a magazine database we can access via NC Wise Owl.

“The Life and Death of Blackbeard the Pirate”

“The Pirate Blackbeard”

“Pirate Clip Art and Graphics”
There’s a lot of advertising on this site, but hey, it’s free! I think we are safe using these in our classrooms. In order to use them online, we will need to check the level of copyright protections for each image. 

This is a general overview of the history of pirates. At the end of the article there are links to Anne Bonney, Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Charles Vane, Edward Low, Mary Read, Stede Bonnet, George Lowther and Richard Worley.

“Pirates and Privateers: the history of maritime piracy”
This is a collection of articles about many aspects of piracy. There is a brief description of each article that should help you to figure out if it will help you complete your project.

“Recommended Pirate and Maritime Links”

“Stede Bonnett”

“Women Pirates”
Mentions Mary Read, Ann Bonny, and Grace O’Malley.