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Animal Research

Use the following resources to find information for 4th grade animal research projects. No single site will have every animal. If none of these sites have information about your assigned animal, go to your teacher or your school librarian for help.

NC Wise Owl
The resources on NC Wise Owl are wonderful. Some of the encyclopedias have read aloud functions! Some of the encyclopedias will give the Lexile level of the articles. Some pages are slow to load, but are worth the wait! For this project the following encyclopedias are recommended:
   Grolier Online
   Amazing Animals (try this one first)
   Britannica (this one has read aloud feature)

A-Z Animals
This site is based in the United Kingdom, so some words are going to be spelled the "English" way, rather than "American." It is designed for children to use, and is highly recommended.

Animal Planet
This is a commercial site for a television station. There are a lot of ads, but there's good information, too. Don't let the fluffy stuff distract you from your assigned task!

Animal World: Pet and Animal Information

This website is good for finding information on the wild animals that some people like to have as pets, such as fish and reptiles.

National Geographic Society
This site doesn't have information on every animal in the world, but give it a try!

Switch Zoo
This link goes to the section with animal information. But there's lots of fun stuff on here to play (make sure you get your teacher's permission). There's a lot of teacher resources, too.

World Land Trust
The purpose of this website is to provide information, and to persuade. Can you determine what the authors of this website wish to persuade their readers?